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Catastroika is a new full length documentary film by the makers of Debtocracy, the highly successful critique of the mainstream narrative about the Greek debt crisis. In Catastroika, the makers turn to the after effects of the crisis, namely the mass privatisation of public services and the selling off of publicly owned assets. They use historical precedents to show that privatisation often can lead to not only poorer services and higher prices but also to more rather than less public debt. The film features interviews with Naomi Klein, Slavoj Žižek and Greg Palast, amongst others. In various languages with English subtitles.

Like its predecessor, Catastroika is also released freely on the Internet under a Creative Commons license. You can download it as a torrent here.


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In Grave Danger of Falling Food (1989) is a film about Bill Mollison, an Australian environmentalist best known as “the father of permaculture”. Permaculture is a system of design aiming at creating living environments modelled on natural ecosystems. The film also discusses the failures of modern agriculture and how a rainforest type environment with a lot of species living within a small area has the potential to produce food many times more efficiently than fields dedicated to just one crop. Even though shot over two decades ago, the ideas presented in this film are today perhaps more actual than ever. Directed by Tony Gailey and Julian Russell with music by Derek Williams.

(Sorry about the low quality VHS copy, but that’s all I could find.)

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Debtocracy is a film about the ongoing debt crisis, it’s real causes and possible solutions that are being suppressed by the political elite and mainstream press. Released freely on the Internet, the film became something of a phenomenon when it was released in Greece last spring. Features interviews with people like Alain Badiou and David Harvey. This international version includes subtitles in various languages, including English (hover over the video to set subtitles).

You can also download the film as a torrent here.

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This is a documentary about the beginnings of the 15M movement in Spain. It follows the life of the indignants at the Puerta del Sol square in Madrid for the month after the initial protests on May 15. If you want to know more about the movement, this is a good introduction. The film was directed by Adriano Morán. English subtitles are provided.

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